Sarkozy found Mitterrand sex tourism book 'courageous'

9th October 2009, Comments 1 comment

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has not yet commented on a row over a book his culture minister wrote that describes paying for sex with boys, said in July that he found the book "courageous."

"I found his book The Bad Life to be courageous and talented," Sarkozy told the Nouvel Observateur magazine in an interview on ethnic and political diversity in government given before scandal erupted around the memoir.

One chapter of Frederic Mitterrand's 2005 book recounts how he paid for sex with "young boys" in Thailand and Indonesia. It caused no controversy after it was released, when the author was not yet a member of government.

But this week, after Mitterrand courted controversy by defending fugitive filmmaker Roman Polanski, opponents headed back to the book and accused him of supporting the sexual exploitation of young Asians.

The hero of the book struggles with his conscience, saying that he had "read what had been written about the trade in boys" and knew all about the misery of the sex trade, but decides he cannot resist the temptation.

When the book, described by its publisher as a "novel inspired by autobiography," was released, Mitterrand confirmed he had paid for sex in Asian brothels, but rejected rumours of paedophilia.

Sarkozy appointed the nephew of the late Socialist president Francois Mitterrand to his rightwing government in late June.


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  • Sun Tzu posted:

    on 11th October 2009, 11:35:06 - Reply

    shame with this government and this minister which say that this business n' is not important, against l' opinion of the citizens.

    The majority of the French is revolted acts of this individual but the government seems autistic with l' public opinion. Worse, the government of Sarkozy shows the citizens d' to be excessive!!!

    1 Mitterrand supported Polanski the rapist.

    2 Mitterrand défens to have had sexual relationships with minors but in his book he speaks d' explicitly; children in French current langage " gosses"

    3 Mitterrand defended two rapists while going moral guarantee in their favour in a rape case in meeting on minors.

    From now on the French are reduced by it to count on the international pressure to get rid of this patient, so much president Sarkozy and the government makes fun of l' public opinion and of the democracy.