Right-wing groups to attend protest

29th August 2007, Comments 0 comments

Right-wing groups to attend protest (test: long intro)

29 August 2007

BRUSSELS- Extreme right-wing organisations like Blood and Honour and Stormfront have hired buses to bring people to the banned anti-Islam demonstration in Brussels on 11 September.

City councillor for Brussels Emmanuel Jacobowitz said that the Brussels police have found indications on internet forums that buses are being organised to take people to the protest.

The attendance of right-wing extremists was one of the reasons for Brussels mayor Freddy Thielemans to ban the protest.

A visit to the Stormfront website indicates that the organisation certainly does not plan to stay home. "The demonstration and/or manifestation will therefore definitely take place. The buses from Rotterdam will also operate as planned," writes one Stormfront forum poster who seems to be well up to date on the demonstration.

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