René Vandereycken stays on

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René Vandereycken will stay on as coach of the Red Devils until 2010 World Cup

4 January 2008 - The Belgian Football Association and René Vandereycken have reached an accord regarding Vandereycken's contract. He will stay on as coach of the Red Devils until the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

Chairman François De Keersmaecker, CEO Jean-Marie Philips and Antoine Vanhove (chair of the Technical Committee) met again on Wednesday to discuss the last details of an according with Vandereycken. They agreed to sign the contract in two weeks. The 54-year old Vandereycken took over as coach of the Red Devils on 1 January, 2006 from Aimé Anthuenis. His contract was supposed to terminate 30 June, 2008.

Neither the Football Association nor René Vandereycken is commenting on the extension of his contract.

The Red Devils played 19 official matches under the leadership of Vandereycken. They won 7 matches, lost 7 and drew 5 times.

"Good news," says goal-keeper Stijn Stijnen

Red Devil goal-keeper Stijn Stijnen is happy with the news. "It is no secret that the players wanted to continue with Vandereycken," Stijnen told the VRT Sports redaction Sporza.

"Vandereycken has built up a team, a young team, and now he will get the chance to finish his work."

"I think that the Football Association is giving a professional signal here," according to Stijn Stijnen.


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