Regions sign agreement to secure future of Flagey cultural centre

23rd April 2013, Comments 0 comments

Flemish minister for cultural affairs Joke Schauvliege CD&V, Brussels finance minister Guy Vanhengel Open Vld, Walloon minister for cultural affairs Fadila Laanan PS and Brussels minister-president Charles Picqué PS made history on Monday when they signed the Flagey cultural centre’s programme agreement for 2013-2016. This marks the first time an agreement of this nature is co-signed by the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels authorities. In addition to these three stakeholders, the Elsene municipality will also sign the agreement once they have approved the 200000 euro of subsidy in the municipal council on Thursday, says mayor Willy Decourty PS. “In the past we had four separate documents containing different expectations,” explains  general director Gilles Ledure. What makes the agreement so unique is the fact that it offers financial security for a period of four years. “The agreement proves that politics between linguistic communities does not always have to involve quibbling,” said Schauvliege. Minister-president Picqué reiterated that it was not always easy to convince all policy levels that Flagey had to be saved, but added: “We proved that it is possible to collaborate and come up with concrete solutions”. The Flemish, Walloon and Brussels administrations will each invest 600 000 in the Flagey project. It remains to be seen if this initiative will result in further programme collaboration agreements. The politicians reminded that federal institutions should in fact be managed by the federal government.

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