Record number of alcohol checks on Belgian roads

6th February 2014, Comments 0 comments

Police stopped no fewer than 342,547 drivers during the past BOB campaign, aimed at stepping up alcohol checks and have more drivers take a breathalyser test.

The number is 70,000 up on last year and reached a record high, figures released by the Belgian Institute for Road Safety (BIVV) show.

Some 3.2 percent of the motorists had elevated alcohol levels in the blood, compared to 2.94 percent last year.

It appears that 1 in 4 checks happened during the night.

Police also adopted new tactics, moving quickly from one spot to another to surprise motorists.

When police remain at the same location, the news quickly travels between friends about where they are exactly.

People coming back at a later stage, thus had the chance to avoid the checks.

However, this was no longer possible under the new system.

"And it allowed us to check more motorists", says Kristof De Pauw of the police.

The number of drivers caught red-handed in Flanders is below the Belgian average (2.8 percent compared to 3.2 percent nationwide).

In Brussels, the number of people that had to take out a breathalyser test, increased by 73 percent (from 9,367 to 16,205 motorists). / Expatica

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