Prostitution: "Follow UK's lead!"

30th September 2013, Comments 1 comment

The Belgian Equal Opportunities Minister Joëlle Milquet has spoken out in favour of a stricter application of the laws governing prostitution.

She told the daily Metro: "The laws are on the statutes, but they are not being complied with."

The Belgian Equal Opportunities Minister is today organising an international conference on people-trafficking and sexual exploitation. She is eager to come down hard on the crime of prostitution and the abuse, but without targeting the women involved.

Prostitution: "Follow UK's lead!"

Ms Milquet is holding up the example of the UK where punters are held responsible. The Equal Opportunities Minister stresses that in the short term the law must be observed: "The public prosecutors' offices must do their job, but so must the police and the local authorities. Mayors ould close down premises where pimping and exploitation occurs."

The minister stressed that parliament should decide whether or not punters should be punishable by law: "I am cautious and want to reduce demand. That's not something that we achieve by the way the law is applied at present. We should concentrate on increasing awareness of this problem and on prevention. That's something that doesn't happen enough at the minute, because we only look at the problem from the supply side."

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  • winston1952 posted:

    on 30th September 2013, 19:20:03 - Reply

    This is not a good idea. It will only hurt the men and women who are sex workers. Laws like this don't protect them but expose them to greater risk and potential for harm and exploitation. Prostitution has been around forever and will be with us forever as well. We need to change our approach. Many escorts are in the business voluntarily and are contributing members of society. They pay taxes raise children and contribute to the economy. Yet they are forced to live outside of society. They live at risk of robbery assault rape (yes rape) and murder without recourse to protection under the law. This needs to change. Legalizing will allow escorts the opportunity to contact police when they need to. Right now they can't because no matter why they call they are subject to arrest. Believe me escorts who are in the business for themselves are as against trafficking as you are. Legalization will allow escorts to be removed from the criminal element. Just like gambling, and alcohol and other so called vices, when legalized prostitution will be no longer a vehicle of the mob or pimps or gangs. If you want to learn more about escorts watch the documentary "American Courtesans" This is a movie where sex workers, their families and even customers have a chance at speaking unscripted about their lives. It is powerful and fascinating and has been shown in film festivals all over the world including the ECU festival in Paris and Women's International festival in Miami and won awards for best editing and best documentary. [Edited by moderator]