Policewoman shot dead by car thief

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Thief opened fire on two police officers in Lot

6 December 2007 - In the town of Lot (province of Flemish Brabant) a policewoman was shot dead during a confrontation following a car theft.

Her partner was also shot. The policeman was taken to hospital in critical condition.

At about 3:00AM thieves were breaking into a car. The owner of the car intervened, trying to stop them, he was shot three times. The man is in hospital but he is no longer in critical condition. (Belga) The police patrol arrived quickly on the scene. The thief opened fire immediately, killing a policewoman who had just finished her training. Her partner was seriously injured.

"The police officers did not even have time to get out of their car," says Mayor Hugo Caesaer. "They arrived on the scene to do their duty keeping law and order, but did not even get the chance. The policewoman was robbed of her life right at the beginning of her career."

The car thieves fled with the stolen car. The car was found in the vicinity of Charleroi, in Wallonia.  The thieves are still at large.

Outgoing Minister of the Interior Patrick Dewael of the Flemish liberal party (Open VLD) says this was a cowardly deed. The minister has expressed his sympathy with the family of the victim.

Governor of the province of Flemish Brabant Lodewijk De Witte has also sharply condemned the incident.

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