"Police trafficked arms"

8th January 2009, Comments 1 comment

Officers suspected of pilfering weapons handed in.

Police officers from various parts of the country are suspected of trafficking arms. The trafficking is said to have occurred following arms amnesties across Belgium.

The daily Het Laatste Nieuws first broke the story.

Police officers had the task of organising collections of arms when new legislation was introduced in 2006.

The arms should have been destroyed, but it is understood that in a number of cases weapons were sold to collectors, arms dealers and even to underworld figures.

Frank Schuermans of the police watchdog Committee P told the VRT that preliminary investigations have been started up in several forces.

As soon as these investigations have been completed, the Committee P intends to launch an investigation of its own.


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  • oldfield posted:

    on 8th January 2009, 16:03:07 - Reply

    Scenario; Little old widow, not knowing what to do with her husbands sporting shotguns decides to turn them in to the police. Included are a Krieghoff, Holland and Holland, Peratzzi etc. You get the idea. The widow of course has no idea of the value of these guns which could well run into the multi thousands of Euros.
    Now who in their wildest dreams would expect the police to "scrap" these or for that matter advise the lady of their true worth.
    There should be an independent valuator of such guns as they are brought in. As it is human greed will emerge triumphant and the "resale" market will flourish.