Peter Goossens to cook for KLM

30th November 2011, Comments 0 comments

Peter Goossens, the most famous chef in Flanders, will compose the menus for KLM business class passengers during the next months. Like its rivals Singapore Airlines and Jet Airways, the Dutch aviation company plans to improve the on board experience. Goossens, chef at the restaurant Hof van Cleve, will compose the three-course meals for KLM World Business Class passengers until the end of September. Served on about 60 flights from Schiphol, a total of 1,500 meals will be enjoyed each day. By employing the most famous chef in Flanders, KLM joins other airlines who have been doing the same for the past few years to boost the quality of meals on board. Linking their airline to a star chef at least creates the image that food forms a crucial part of the flying experience, and Singapore did just that by bringing French three-star chef Georges Blanc on board to add a French twist to its meals. In Belgium Yves Mattagne, famous chef at the Sea Grill in Brussels, has been acting as a consultant to the Indian aviation company Jet Airways since June 2008. But why is KLM so keen to join the pursuit of fine dining? Firstly, promising a better eating experience in business class than in economy class is an easy way to justify the price difference between the two classes." It’s also about the culinary experience," says KLM’s executive vice president Inflight Services, Paul Elich. Hospitality and good food  are crucial ingredients on flights and KLM have been using chefs on board for quite some time, with Dutch three-star chefs like Jonnie Boer and Sergio Heman acting as menu advisors. KLM’s appointment of Goossens is the first non-Dutch appointment and could be attributed to the fact that Goossens boasts three Michelin stars. “But it’s also because we follow the annual ranking of the best chefs in the world,” says Elich, adding that Goossens was ranked number 15 this year.

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