Peeters: "We mustn't turn in on ourselves"

11th July 2014, Comments 0 comments

The outgoing Flemish Prime Minister Kris Peeters has called on Flanders not to turn in on itself, but to inspire the world. The Flemish leader was speaking on the eve of 11 July, the Flemish holiday.

Mr Peeters made his call during his holiday address at celebrations to mark the 712th anniversary of the Battle of the Golden Spurs in Kortrijk.

The Flemish leader spoke of his confidence in the economic situation, in our businesses and our industry: "We are confident about the new era because we possess the powers to make our own choices."

The Flemish Prime Minister referred both to the Battle of the Golden Spurs – in which Flemish townspeople defeated the knights of the King of France leaving the battlefield strewn with golden spurs – and the Great War.

Victory at Kortrijk prevented Flanders from being swallowed up by the kingdom of France and Mr Peeters noted that both conflicts had been about freedom, the freedom to decide, the freedom to choose your language and the freedom to administer.

"Flemish autonomy is greater than we could possibly image 700, 100 or even 50 years ago. This is why 11 July is the holiday of Flemish dynamism."

The Flemish PM pointed to the new powers that Flanders enjoyed as a result of the new state reforms and added that a self-rule Flanders should be better, warmer and more prosperous.

The government should make room for people, businesses and authorities to take their own decisions. / Expatica

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