Parliament passes state reform bill

20th December 2013, Comments 0 comments

The reforms that will see more competences devolved from the federal state to the regions and language communities have passed the final hurdle to them becoming law.

On Thursday evening, the reform bill received the backed of the required two-thirds majority of MPs in the Chamber of representatives.

Parliament passes state reform bill

The six parties from the Federal coalition (Flemish and Francophone Christian democrats, liberals and socialists) all backed the state reform bill, while the Flemish nationalists, Francophone federalists and the far-right voted against or abstained from voting on some of the amendments.

The final round of voting on the bill took around an hour. Many of the parliamentary assistants and others that had draft the bill watched on from the public gallery as the bill was voted on.

Around two hours after the bill had been the given the green light by the Belgian Senate, he Speaker of the Chamber of Representatives André Flahaut announced that "The six round of sates reforms has been accepted.

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