One in four drivers stuck in a traffic jam

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Belgians are pretty fed up with the situation

3 December 2007

A survey commissioned by the daily Het Nieuwsblad shows that only one in four motorists who drive to work gets stuck in a traffic jam for at least part of the journey.

This being said Belgians are pretty fed up with the situation.

A third of the workforce wants to change their job in order to avoid traffic jams. Among youngsters aged under 30 the figure is even 40%.

Most respondents said that better public transport could offer a solution to the problem of traffic congestion.

Many people are willing to consider working from home or flexible working hours.

 Most drivers stuck in a jam blame lorry drivers for their plight.

They say that lorries should either be banned from the roads during the rush hour or at least overtaking should be prohibited at this time.

Most people stuck in a jam listen to the radio and are happy with the traffic information they get.

Others like to make telephone calls or pick their nose.

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