Omega Pharma removes `anti-radiation chip' from shelves

17th December 2008, Comments 0 comments

Many people fail to understand how a listed company could have been fooled by the gadget.

Amid considerable media attention Marc Coucke, founder and head of Omega Pharma, last week launched a green chip at a price of EUR 38.95 which is said to reduce the harmful radiation of GSMs.

Coucke provoked a storm of criticism with his press conference. Radiation experts claimed that the chip had hardly any effect. Coucke initially stuck to his claim, but agreed to a series of new tests and then promised on a popular Radio 1 programme that he would draw his conclusions, which he did.

The tests showed that the E-wave Phone chip does not reduce radiation as the Omega Pharma experiments had claimed. On the basis of the new tests, Omega Pharma decided to stop the sale of their chip to pharmacies. Many people fail to understand how a listed company such as Omega Pharma could have been fooled by a gadget from two inventors with allegedly dubious reputations.

The Algemene Pharmaceutische Bond (General Pharmaceutical Union) emphasised that it would be best that a government commission investigates and evaluates similar products in future. Clients who have already bought the chip can find a form on the website to fill in and will have their money refunded.

De Morgen Tuesday 16 December 2008

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