OECD: Flemish education is elitist

OECD: Flemish education is elitist

10th September 2014, Comments 1 comment

The Flemish educational system appears to be elitist according to research undertaken by OECD.

According to a new report published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), only 6 percent of children of low-skilled parents will enrol in higher education.

The report states that almost 45 percent of Flemings are educated to the same level as their parents, with almost half having a degree from an institute of higher education.

This is a relatively big number compared to other industrialised countries.

However, when looking at children born in low-skilled families, it’s noticeable that only a very small number (6 percent) enrol in higher education.

Children from highly-skilled families are six times as likely to pursue a degree.

The situation in Flanders is very similar to that in France, which has a very elitist education system.

This is an important figure, as the OECD states that low-skilled people in Flanders are more likely to end up unemployed while unemployment among highly-skilled Flemings is relatively low.

OECD Education expert Dirk Vandamme confirms that based on the report schools are not succeeding in getting children of low-skilled parents into higher education.

On top of that, the growth of university students is slowing down.

The OECD expects that 33 percent of Belgian young adults will enrol in university, while this number can be as high as 60 percent in other OECD countries.


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