No results of DNA tests for 2 more weeks

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5 July 2006 (first update 6 June)

5 July 2006 (first update 6 June)

BRUSSELS — The results of the DNA tests in the murder of step-sisters Stacy and Nathalie will not be known for another two weeks.

At that time, the only suspect in the case, Abdallah Ait Oud, will appear in court.

Tests are currently being conducted to determine whether foreign DNA was left behind on the bodies of the two girls.

If that is the case, the DNA trace must also be usable in order to compare it with the DNA of Ait Oud.

The Liège public prosecution office had earlier indicated the DNA tests results might have been known on Wednesday.

But it has since decided against making the results of the DNA tests public for two more weeks.

At that time, a court will need to decide on whether to extend Ait Oud's remand detention.

Meanwhile, police renewed searches along the railway in Liège for more evidence on Tuesday.

It remains unclear where the bodies of the two girls were dumped in the storm water drain and the renewed search failed to yield any more clues.

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