New course for students at Leuven Uni

13th February 2013, Comments 0 comments

Leuven University has unveiled proposals for a new subject intended to give students greater general knowledge.

The subject has been given the working title 'images of man and the world'. The university hopes that the new subject will allow students to gain greater insight into other university courses not directly connected to their own choice of subject.

Ludo Melis, who is responsible for education policy at Leuven, told the student magazine Veto: "It's been said for a while now that as far as general education is concerned university studies don't always provide what is needed. In secondary schools too little attention is paid to general knowledge."

The exact details of the new course still have to be decided. The first part of the course will include reflection on scientific knowledge answering the question how knowledge came about and what the great historic developments of scientific knowledge are.

The second part of the course will involve modules concentrating on a particular field of study e.g. genetics for students of the Humanities. Other modules will concentrate on social issues like climate change and the multicultural society.

Initially the new general knowledge course will be optional, but the plan is to integrate it into the curriculum as soon as possible.

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