New campaign warns motorists about dangers of using a mobile on the roads

3rd August 2009, Comments 0 comments

The Institut Belge pour la Securité Routière (IBSR) has launched a campaign to show motorists that driving and using a mobile phone do not go well together.

Even though using a mobile phone has been illegal since 2000, the number of offences committed each year shows that the message is far from understood. The IBSR have decided to launch an awareness campaign from now until the 23 August, reminding motorists of the legislation.

A study by K.U. Leuven revealed that the driving with a hand-held phone increases the risk of accidents by 75%, a figure which is reduced to 24% using a hands-free device. Other studies show that using a mobile phone whilst driving is potentially more harmful than driving with 0.8% of alcohol in your bloodstream. 

People driving whilst using a mobile phone forget to look at 4 in 10 signs (1 in 4 with a hands-free kit). In 1 out of 4 cases the driver fails to give way (this happens in 1 in 10 cases when the driver uses a hands-free set).

Using a phone while driving also tends to make people neglect or ignore other road users, making them react inadequately to certain situations. 
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