Mother aids jail-break in Belgium

29th July 2009, Comments 0 comments

Two prisoners escaped from a Belgian jail Tuesday, this time not dramatically by helicopter, but just by using a ladder and with support from an inmate's mother.

BRUSSELS - The prison break at Merkplas in northern Belgium began with six inmates seeking a way out, but four of them were stopped immediately, the Belga news agency said, citing federal police.

While the hunt was on for the two escapees, the 62-year-old mother of one of them was arrested for having waited for the fugitives in her car, the region's prosecutor said. She goes before a judge on Wednesday.

Last week three prisoners -- still on the loose -- made a spectacular escape from a Bruges jail with the help of two accomplices and a helicopter rental pilot they took hostage.

Tuesday's prison break was more down to earth. The escapees simply borrowed a ladder being used at a construction site inside the prison walls.

The two convicts from Merkplas were serving sentences for rape, torture and violent theft.


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