More extensive route for Gordel cycling and hiking event

8th February 2013, Comments 0 comments

When the 32nd edition of the cycling and hiking route through the Flemish peripheral municipalities surrounding Brussels, De Gordel the belt, took place on September 2 last year, Flemish minister of sport Philippe Muyters N-VA announced that it would be the last time the event would take place in that form. With the number of participants dwindling to 30 000, it was quite clearly time for a change. Today the Flemish government will discuss the draft note of De Gordel-new style at its meeting. The note proposes an extension of the number of participating municipalities from the current 19 peripheral municipalities to the 40 municipalities of the Green Belt. According to the regional TV station Ring-tv, the event will run throughout the summer to make it less dependent on weather conditions, and will end off with festivities during the first weekend of September. The note wants to involve all 40 municipalities actively in the organization and the plotting of the course. The traditional meeting points on the route in towns like Dilbeek, Zaventem, Overijse and Sint-Genesius-Rode will disappear and be replaced by tourist attractions. Each year the event will focus on a couple of villages. The municipalities with facilities for French language speakers will also enjoy prominent positioning during the event.  

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