More cars in Belgium "damaged by bad roads"

16th February 2010, Comments 0 comments

During the past few weeks more cars have been damaged by the poor condition of our roads.

The emergency road assistance organisation VAB is asking for a bigger budget to repair the roads and to keep them in good condition.

During the first ten days of February the road service and automobile organisations were called out two times more to help drivers in need than during the same period last year. The biggest problems were with the suspension of the vehicles and the tires and rims. Many cars are being damaged by the bad condition of the roads.

"The extreme winter weather has had a huge impact on the condition of the roads," says Maarten Matienko of the emergency road assistance organisation VAB. "And the damage is considerable: there are noticeably more holes and ruts in the roads."

VAB is asking for the road maintenance budget to be increased from €134 million to €170 million.

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