More Belgians go missing at Christmas

9th December 2008, Comments 0 comments

Many people get a bit depressed and simply disappear.

Not everybody is celebrating at Christmas. Many people get a bit depressed and simply disappear, creating more work for the Federal Police's Missing Persons Unit.

Alain Remue of the Missing Persons Unit says this sombre part of the year generates a lot of work for us: "A lot of people go missing for very diverse reasons.

Often it's because they are unhappy and can't see the wood for the trees. People are depressed or have problems with their girl friend or at work or become unemployed."

The number of people that go missing starts to rise in November and falls back again in February when the days start to lengthen and people's moods start to improve.

Bad weather makes it more unlikely that people who go missing are found safe and sound.

Alain Remue insists:” Not everybody commits suicide, but at this time of year there are quite a few.

There are a lot of stupid accidents too. Elderly people who slip into a ditch, who can't get out and who freeze to death. Things like that."

The holidays clearly mean extra work for the Missing Persons Unit.

There are days with four, five new cases a day, but Alain Remue continues: "Let me be clear. They don't all have a bad ending."


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