More Belgian tourists spend time in jail when abroad

29th July 2008, Comments 0 comments

More Belgian tourists are held in custody in foreign jails after being involved in traffic accidents as compared to 2007.

29 July 2008

BELGIUM – An increasing number of Belgians involved in a traffic accident abroad have to spend some time behind bars in a foreign jail, according to figures supplied by the Belgian Motoring Association Touring.

The Touring helpline has already received 40 calls in July from Belgian tourists who had to spend some time in jail when they are on holiday abroad. That number is 10 percent up from 2007.

Most calls come from tourists in France, Switzerland, Germany and the Balkan countries.

Most of them have been involved in a traffic accident. As foreign authorities do not want to risk being left without a culprit, drivers involved in the accident are usually kept in custody until things have been clarified.

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