Minister Muyters nominated to represent Europe in the Wada

13th May 2013, Comments 0 comments

Flemish minister of sport Philippe Muyters N-VA has been unanimously nominated to represent the European council of ministers for sports on the Foundation Board of the World anti-doping agency Wada for a term of three years. “The Foundation Board is the only platform for an international voice in terms of doping policy,” says Muyters. Europe has three delegates on the Foundation Board, which is represented by members of sporting federations and governments. Europe is represented by 3 ministers. Two of these representatives are designated by the current and future presidency of the European council of ministers currently Ireland and Luxemburg and the third one for his special anti-doping expertise. This is the role now assigned to Muyters. “I want everyone to fight  with the same physical weapons in sport competition and allow regulations to be based on reasonableness. Someone who makes an administrative mistake should not receive the same punishment as someone using the forbidden substances.”

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