Memorial procession for policewoman

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300 police officers took part in a memorial procession for Kitty Van Nieuwenhuysen

In the town of Lot (province of Flemish Brabant) some 300 police officers took part in a memorial procession for Kitty Van Nieuwenhuysen, the policewoman who was shot dead in the midst of a car theft early Tuesday morning.
The officers walked in a procession from the church in Lot to the place where the young, newly graduated policewoman was shot, and laid flowers. (Belga) Police mourn the loss of their colleague Kitty Van Nieuwenhuysen and her patrol partner were shot at when they arrived at the scene of a car-jacking. The owner of the car was also shot three times. The policewoman was killed instantly; her patrol partner and the owner of the car were taken to hospital in critical condition. Both are out of critical condition.

Kitty Van Nieuwenhuysen was killed just days before her 24th birthday. She had just finished the police academy.

According to the director of the police academy, the procession of police officers, many of them either recent graduates or still studying, was important to help the young officers deal with the trauma of losing one of their colleagues in such an incident.

Counselling is available to the police and candidate police officers.

Sunday a memorial service will be held for Kitty Van Nieuwenhuysen. She will be buried on Tuesday in Leuven (capital of Flemish Brabant). Murderers still at large
The gangsters made a quick getaway. The stolen car was found in the Walloon city of Charleroi (some hundred kilometres from the scene of the crime). Blood traces where found in the car, possibly from one of the perpetrators.

One of the gangsters was wounded during the shoot out with the owner of the house they had broken into.

The detectives hope to get some leads on the gangsters from the blood DNA. Police look for eye-witnessesThe detectives are calling for people who might have information or leads to step forward. They are especially hoping to get information on stolen cars the gangsters might have used.

The suspects of the shoot-out came to Lot in a black Volvo S60 T5 (sports car) with registration number: AJD 897. The car was stolen on November 15 from Garage Antoine in Thuin, in the vicinity of Charleroi. The Volvo license plate was stolen in Gerpinnes, the night of November 16.

Following the shooting, the gangsters fled in a grey Peugeot 407 with license plate number XZP 720. The Peugeot was stolen in Lot, in the Beerselsestraat.

Anyone who has any information about any of the thefts or events are asked to contact the police at the following toll-free number: 0800-91119. You can also send an email to:

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