Long queues at Brussels Eurostar desks

8th July 2014, Comments 0 comments

Eurostar rail services between Brussels and London were still disrupted on Tuesday morning.

The 8.57 from Brussels South was cancelled, but most passengers were able to take the next one, two hours later.

The disruption started on Monday due to problems with overhead wires.

It's also posing a major problem to the many Tour de France passengers wanting to move to the continent to follow the world's biggest cycle race.

Overhead power cables came down yesterday and left several hundred passengers stranded in the tunnel.

Rail services between London and Paris and London and Brussels were disrupted; some were simply cancelled while others were delayed.

Two services linking Brussels to London were cancelled this morning, including the busy 9 o'clock train.

There were long queues in Brussels South station.

Most of the passengers showed their understanding, while others - like businessmen - were not amused as they had a busy agenda and no time to waste.

One man was considering taking a plane instead: "I have to be at a place some 100 km north of London for a meeting", he told the VRT around 8.30am. "They offered me an alternative, but that train is three hours late. Three hours, that's really a lot!" Then he left the interview and quickly moved on.

Technicians are expected to have fixed the problems around noon. Rail services should get back to normal in the afternoon.


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