Katoen Natie buys Italian logistics group

7th June 2012, Comments 1 comment

The Antwerp-based logistics group Katoen Natie KTN has taken over Rivalta & Dintorni, one of the biggest logistics groups in Italy. KTN’s CEO Fernand Huts is more than happy with this acquisition of one of the key Italian players in this arena as it greatly strengthens KTN’s strategic position in the Mediterranean area. Says Huts: “We have logistical distribution centres in Catalonia and Madrid as well as in the French harbours of Fos and Marseille. Rivalta’s terminal in Tortona in the Piemonte region now gives us direct access to the ports of La Spezia and Genova, the key maritime access and export harbours in Northern Italy and the rest of the country.” The terminal is the biggest logistical complex in Italy and boasts covered storage facilities spanning 450 000 m2 in addition to a railway terminal to transport freight over the Apennines to and from the harbours of La Spezia and Genova, that lack sufficient space for logistic activities, and to Rome and other Italian cities. Apart from mentioning Rivalta’s 70 million euro turnover and staff of 750, Huts is reluctant to say much more about his new Italian asset. “The complex is perfectly positioned from an access point of view: in the centre of Italy within the Turin-Milan-Bologna triangle and complementary to our logistical platform in Cremona 150 km further.” The Tortona complex specializes in the storage, processing and distritibution of raw materials such as cocoa and sugar as well as consumer goods for major retailers distributing their products from Tortona to their stores throughout Italy. Rivalta was owned by the Italian enterprise Fagioli, which now plans to focus its attention on its nuclear activity, i.e. the transport of bulky freight such as heavy equipment and factory components. Huts mentions that he was contacted by a business banker and that the management of Fagioli showed a preference for Katoen Natie as a takeover candidate: “They have an excellent management team and we were positively surprised by their creative engineering at their machine park and their infrastructure. At some levels we will probably learn from them. It will be a matter of cross-pollination.” Katoen Natie is one of the biggest independent logistics groups in the world, with outfits in 32 countries and key bridgeheads in Belgium, France, Canada, the US, Brazil, Thailand and Singapore.

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  • hemant behl posted:

    on 10th November 2012, 13:38:33 - Reply

    thats a great article showing the growth of kotoen word wide i being a part a small worker in katoen cremona italy really agree with every word of this efficent group they make diffrence n i m proud to be a small part of them