Judge links Stella Artois to wife-beating

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British judge links Stella Artois to wife-beating.

BRUSSELS – The Inbev brewery is starting a new advertising campaign for Stella Artois in the United Kingdom. The brewer’s intention is to transform the image of its best selling beer. The action is a direct reaction to a verdict by a British judge who, in a wife-beating case, literally named the famous beer as the culprit.

'Pass on something good' is the new slogan for Stella across the Channel. The slogan replaces ‘'Reassuringly expensive' which has been the punch-line since 1982.
The new campaign is to get rid of Stella’s bad reputation once and for all. In recent years, the beer has had the nick-name ‘wife-beater’ in the U.K., a label which the brand has been absolutely unable to get rid of.

The recent verdict of the British judge has once again highlighted this negative reputation. In a case where a labourer attacked the new partner of his ex, Judge John Hardy said, “There are two key issues which continually pop up in cases where young men and alcohol are involved. These are ‘Stella’ and ‘binge drinking".

7 September 2007

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