Internet-surfing costly for Belgians

27th May 2008, Comments 1 comment

Internet providers such as Belgacom and Telenet are charging EUR 45 as compared to EUR 15 charged in neighbouring countries.

27 May 2008

BELGIUM – An international survey shows that Belgium and in particular the provider Belgacom and Telenet have too high tariffs.

The international comparison of Internet tariffs was compiled by the consumer organisation Test-Aankoop in collaboration with other consumer organisations. Eight European countries take part in this comparison survey.  

The cheapest Internet package in the neighbouring countries, costs between EUR 15 and EUR 20. In Belgium, however, cost is much higher and lies in the range of EUR 45.

According to Test-Aankoop, the difference is due to the lack of competition and transparency in the market and too few powerful institutions guarding against the regulation of the market.

The Minister of Enterprise, Vincent Van Quickenborne, says that the conclusions of Test-Aankoop confirm his views.

He is asking for faster Internet, shorter connection terms and the abolishment of the limited download volumes. Furthermore, the connecting fees must be decreased, amongst others by more competition in the market.

[Flanders Today / Expatica]

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  • Jim Steele posted:

    on 28th May 2008, 15:59:20 - Reply

    Pricing of Internet access in Belgium is disgraceful.
    It's a 2 company monopoly. Charge the consumer whta you want! He has no choice!
    As and when real competition comes to Belgium the users will switch off these IPs in the thousands.
    Screw me once Belgacom and TELNET, but not twice I can assure you! I'm surprised you don't get it!