Immigrants sew lips together in strike outside Belgian train station

8th September 2009, Comments 3 comments

Thirty-seven out of the seventy-five illegal immigrants staying at the Bressoux station in the Liège province began a hunger strike on the 2 September.

Two of the strikers have actually sewn their lips together, the other demonstrators told media.

The striking immigrants fear that they will not be able to receive legal documentation under new criteria proposed in a recent government agreement. 

According to France Aret from the care committee: “Some of the strikers have even given up drinking. They are worried and fear finding themselves expelled or shut up in closed centres while others begin the process of naturalisation.”

On Saturday, three illegal immigrants sewed their lips together as a symbol of the intensity of their action. 

Youssef El Hadif, a spokesperson for the OSP (Organisation des Sans-Papiers), stated that six of the thirty-seven demonstrators had to be hospitalised in a critical state, but they had all rejoined the strike at the Bressoux station afterwards. 

“They have all decided to keep the hunger strike going until a solution has been agreed.”

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  • Ngambi Rick posted:

    on 16th September 2009, 19:14:57 - Reply

    Thank God they strike and sleep in the train station and not in the CHURCH of GOD. Let them be there. I do not support making hunger strinke just to archive your ego. Without any discrimination i must be free to say, these people are mostly moslims who abuse and take hostage the buildings of the church of God in the name of hunger strike. The question is, can failed asylum seekers take hostage a mosque in Saudi Arabia, Morocco or Afganistan for any reason?

    They say is ARAM for a moslim to enter into any church. Why then they do not ocupy the many mosque in Belgium but the churches? It is time for Belgium to favour those who shear thesame religious value with them.
  • unfairness posted:

    on 16th September 2009, 14:28:10 - Reply

    This is really unfair to those who enter Belgium LEGALLY with proper VISA entries. I'm married with a child to a Belgian and we reside in Southeast Asia. When I entered Belgium/Schengen countries I have only 3 months per Semester which we were informed by the Belgium Embassy! The duration depended on which month of the semester I entered Belgium or any EU countries. If my entry date falls on the end of the semester even just few days before I had to exit the Schengen region in order to re-entry for the next 3 months (depends on which country you're from)!

    Most countries I visited, started the validity of stay in the country from the date of your entry not on 6 months semester!

    Then, when I read the news of ILLEGAL Immigrants protested like this or locked themselves in churches to seek entry to Belgium. My blood just boils up. I'd came to Belgium (and other EU countries) to visit my -in-laws and friends, that's more than 10, 500 kms across the globe with 6/7 hours time diffference! I spent thousands of Euros for flight tickets for the family and what my son and I got were slammed on the face that 2 of us had to exit Belgium after we touched down 5 days before that we over stay per semster allowed!'s time the EU Govt reshuffle or think for those who enter LEGALLY... please before EU have more problems added to existing ones!
  • Irritated posted:

    on 11th September 2009, 17:18:51 - Reply

    Forget \'em! They\'re there illegally? Let them starve. They\'re being unreasonable. I could go on a hunger strike until someone buys me a new car...