Home of Panamarenko is ready to receive visitors

18th January 2013, Comments 0 comments

Antwerp artist Panamarenko has donated the house at number two Biekorf Street, which is where he lived when he designed his famous aircraft and robots from 1970 to 2002, to the Flemish Community. The Antwerp Museum of Contemporary Art MUHKA has been acting as owner since 2006 and carried the costs for restoration work, with the Panamarenko Collective, a group of friends and experts on his work, assuming responsibility for research and operations at the new centre. Panamarenko’s original home in Antwerp, which he exchanged for a country residence in the Flemish Ardennes in 2003, remains close to his heart, as is evident from the works of art he has designed for the house. Theoretically speaking he’s retired and should no longer be involved, but he nevertheless designed a helicopter pad on the roof and two moving ravens are always visible through the bullet-proof garage windows. And in the golden bay window of the house front his signature is illuminated in neon light. He is also working on a ‘star revolver’ which will be housed under the roof. Everything in the house smacks of the artist’s activities or a genius at work, with the mural in the living room made from photocopies coloured with gold and coffee, and a kitchen serving as parrot cage. The Panamarenko house was introduced to the neighbourhood during the past few days, to be followed by policymakers, port managers, museum curators and artists in the next few days. And in June it will open its doors to groups of no more than eight visitors one day each week.

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