Gunman had some 20 previous brushes with Belgian law: media

14th December 2011, Comments 16 comments

Nordine Amrani, the lone gunman whose killing spree in Liege claimed four lives including his own, had already had around 20 brushes with the law in Belgium, Belgian TV reported late Tuesday.

"In total, he had already come before Belgian justice more than around 20 times," RTL television's website reported.

Contacted by AFP, Liege prosecutor Daniele Reynders could not be reached but a Belgian judicial source confirmed that Amrani's history and the scale of his run-ins with justice was well known to the police and magistrates.

RTL reported that in 2007, Liege police discovered rocket-launchers, an AK-47 rifle and pump-action shotguns among a cache of arms running to 9,500 pieces, for which he landed a near five-year jail term the following year.

Belgian officials told AFP he had been released on parole in October 2010, a spokesman for Belgium's prisons service saying he was not aware of any cross-surveillance with a Belgian national centre for threat evaluation, OCAM.

However, another official said Amrani, 33, was known to former interior minister Annemie Turtleboom.

A spokesman for her was not available when contacted by AFP.

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  • Bonyronny posted:

    on 14th December 2011, 11:23:24 - Reply

    Its time Europe sends all Muslims back to where they came from.
  • Jo posted:

    on 14th December 2011, 06:53:49 - Reply

    Inshallah he is a martyr. He weanted 2 use the rocket launcher on Xmas Day
  • Errol Haner posted:

    on 14th December 2011, 05:23:49 - Reply

    Freedom of the media?? The man was a Muslim Extremist, it was well known!! He belong to the Islam4Belgium extremist group!!! Do you need another 9/11 scale of attack before you accept the fact that Islam wants Belgium. Go look in the muslim mosque's today, he will be declared a martyr and what will the so called free media say then, that the habits of the evil disrespectful Belgium were the cause? Why don't the "free media" just ask all Belgians to wear burkha's and get the farce over with? If a muslim wounds and kills people in Belgium the media calls it an act of violence of a solitary man with an unknown motive, when a guy in Florence kills 2 Senegalese muslims, then its immediately the act of a crazed far right racist Christian so much for the media. You dishonor the poor Belgium that were murdered today, you dishonor the Belgium that were wounded today, you dishonor the history of your country and your unwillingness to print the truth is a victory to groups like islam4Belgium.