Good deal at the motor show?

18th January 2008, Comments 0 comments

Organisation Test Aankoop warns us to "be wary and compare"

Most people buying a car will not pay cash. At the Motor Show that opened for the public today dealers are offering lots of special offers. Renault allows you to purchase with an interest free loan.

This may seem tempting, but Ivo Mechels of the consumers’ organisation Test Aankoop wants us to be wary and compare.

You also need to compare car finance deals carefully. The website of the consumers’ organisation Test Aankoop can help.

Most potential buyers are not immediately seduced by the Motor Show offers.

"If you check the press, you'll find car dealers have special offers all year round" one visitor told the VRT reporter.

Keep a cool head and strike the best deal - that is the best approach.


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