German police arrest girl after school attack

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The 16-year-old teenager went to school wearing a mask armed with several knives, an air gun and a rucksack full of bottles of flammable liquid.

COLOGNE – German police have arrested a 16-year-old schoolgirl suspected of having tried to burn down her school using molotov cocktails and of having attacked a fellow student, police said Tuesday.

"We've got her," a spokesman for Cologne regional police told AFP, without giving further details.

The teenager turned up at her the school, near the western city of Bonn, on Monday morning wearing a mask and armed with several knives, an air gun and a rucksack full of bottles of flammable liquid, prosecutors said.

After an argument with another girl, who apparently wanted to stop her, she produced a knife and cut the girl's hand – half-cutting off her thumb, according to a report in a local daily paper, Express.

The school called in the police, who evacuated the school's 800 students and carried out a thorough search of the premises, but the suspect had already fled the scene.

Investigators said they had found a letter left by the teenager. While they refused to reveal its contents, some media reports suggested it had been a farewell letter in which she revealed she had intended to commit an attack.

Express named the girl as Ukrainian national Tanja O and said she had five kilogrammes (11 pounds) of black powder.

The incident came two months to the day after 17-year-old Tim Kretschmer shot dead 15 people: nine pupils and three teachers at his old school in Winnenden, southern Germany, and then three passers-by.

After a gun battle with police Kretschmer shot himself.

The massacre prompted calls to tighten gun laws and ban the kind of violent video games played by Kretschmer. Press reports last week said the government had drawn up new regulations including outlawing paintballing.

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