Gangsters raid Cora Supermarket

5th May 2008, Comments 0 comments

Four heavily armed men drove into the store with 3 cars, set fire to one as they made off with thousands of euros.

5 May 2008

CHATELINEAU - In Châtelineau, a spectacular raid took place on Saturday evening on a Cora supermarket.

Gangsters drove a four-wheel drive and two other cars straight into the store located in the province of Hainault.

The brutal action took place around closing time. Four heavily armed men drove through the entranceway of the store, shattering the glass doors and windows.

The men drove past the cash registers that were just being closed down, emptied them, and then rammed a small room where the proceeds of the store are kept. They forced their way into the room, held a guard at gunpoint, and emptied the cash register.

The armed robbers then set the four-wheel drive on fire in the middle of the shopping mall and made off in the other two cars.

The robbers are thought to have ensconced with tens of thousands of euros.

No one was hurt in the armed robbery. The robbers have disappeared without a trace.

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