French serial killer charged with new murder

26th June 2009, Comments 0 comments

Convicted French serial killer Michel Fourniret was charged on Thursday with murdering the lover of a one-time prison cellmate in the 1980s, court officials said

Versailles--.Fourniret, 67, and Monique Olivier, 60, were sentenced to life in jail in May last year for the murders of seven girls and young women between 1987 and 2001, in one of France's most gruesome cases in decades.

A court in Versailles near Paris charged Fourniret with the 1988 murder of Fatima Hammiche, whose lover, an armed robber named Jean-Pierre Hellegouarch, he met in jail in the 1980s.

Following Fourniret's release in 1987, Hellegouarch contacted him asking him and Hammiche to dig up a stash of stolen gold bars from a cemetery north of Paris.

But prosecutors believe Fourniret and his wife Olivier murdered Hammiche the following month to keep the loot for themselves. Her body was never recovered.

The couple are thought to have used the money to buy a manor in eastern France, where several of their victims' bodies were later found buried.

Olivier was charged last month with complicity in the murder. The pair were also charged with trafficking in stolen goods.

Dubbed the "Ogre of the Ardennes", Fourniret had admitted to the kidnap, rape and murder of the girls and young women and testified that he had a sexual obsession with virgins.

Olivier was accused of helping lure his victims and convicted of complicity in four murders and one rape.


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