Ford Genk resumes production of Mondeo

8th January 2013, Comments 0 comments

The conveyor belt will be running again today at the Ford factory in Genk today. Most of the Ford employees and suppliers were positive about the terms of the reopening that were negotiated between the management board and employees. During the first quarter of this year tehy will work a total of 40 days, with 16 working days in January and February and 8 working days in March. Their basic salary will be supplemented by a 40% allowance and 25 days in unemployment benefits. It is planned that 1 000 vehicles will be manufactured each day. The plan was approved by a small minority of 54% of the 5 035 votes. This tight margin has led to uncertainty about the plant’s reopening on Wednesday, with fears that some of those who vetoed the decision may not turn up for work or prevent those who want to work from doing so. The unions are nevertheless hopeful that things will continue as planned and that employees will not be forced into unemployment. They are also keen to engage in talks on the closure of the factory as they believe debate on the social plan can only start once the plant is operational again. The hopes are high within the ranks of Ford Genk. Meanwhile the unions have retained 7 000 completed vehicles at the plant as their so-called ‘booty’, which is the number stipulated in the agreement. The board will establish exactly what this fleet includes and the oldest ones will probably be released first to customers who have been waiting on their orders for months. If 1 000 vehicles are rolled out on Wednesday, no more than 1 000 vehicles will be released in order to keep the same number of cars in the booty. The same will apply to the supply of spare parts.  

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