Flights to the US: charged phones and tablets only

8th July 2014, Comments 0 comments

Make sure to charge electronic devices such as tablets or smart phones properly before taking them on your flight to the United States.

A ban has been introduced on 'dead' tablets or smart phones on certain direct flights to America, the American Transport Security Administration (TSA) announced.

TSA is warning that all electronic devices will be checked separately by security staff.

They can ask people to put the devices on if they have been put off.

If you can't do it because the battery happens to be empty, you won't be allowed to take it on board.

Security measures were tightened last week in a number of European airports, including Brussels Airport, and the Middle East, for direct flights to the US.

The American authorities are afraid that laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices could serve as potential bombs to carry out a terrorist attack and are stepping up efforts to prevent this. / Expatica

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