Flemish industry to invest in factories of the future

2nd May 2013, Comments 0 comments

More than 500 Flemish policymakers haver reaffirmed their commitment to push Flanders to an economic top ranking  position among European regions by 2020 during Flanders in Action’s VIA Forum on the Future on Tuesday.  MPs, social partners, top officials and academics were all told by the Flemish government that VIA was well on track, and Flemish minister-president Kris Peeters CD&V  insisted that its success should not be assessed by its current results. “This is a long-term effort. We must not focus on quotes in tomorrow’s newspapers, but keep an eye on the headlines of 2020.” Central to the VIA is the New Industrial Policy NIB, with one of its tenets being the concept of a ‘future factory’. The industry should focus on ‘intelligent’ technological innovations, energy-efficiency, sustainable materials management and export to international markets. Last week the Flemish government allocated another 7 million euros to support this industrial policy A number of business leaders were invited to present their business approach as an example and acted as so-called VIA ambassadors.   

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