Flemish cinema is heading for a new record

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Cinemas all over the country received the 1,135,000th visitor this weekend.

December 2007 - Flemish cinema is heading for a new record. This year, a peak number of people have been to see a Flemish film, figures by the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) have revealed.

(KFD) Cinemas all over the country  received the 1,135,000th visitor this weekend.

The last peak in Flemish cinema dates back 4 years ago when 1,048,280 people went to see a locally produced film.

A large part of that success was due to the box office hit, “De Zaak Alzheimer”, by director Erik Van Looy.

No less than 70 per cent of all cinema goers in 2003 went to see the film, which was later introduced in the US as "The Memory of a Killer". Good prospects for 2008

This year’s success is due to several strong films. “Ben X”, the debut by film critic and journalist Nic Balthazar on the problems of an autistic teenager, prides itself in a viewing rates of over 250,000 people already. (kFD) In addition, “Firmin” (219,721 visitors) and “Vermist” (175,696 visitors) also drew in large numbers of people.

And the best may yet be to come. “K3 en de Kattenprins”, the new film featuring Flemish and Dutch young children’s favourite girls’ band K3, has yet to open.

At present, 5 of the top 20 box office hits this year are Flemish.

According to the VAF, the current success is only partly due to the big diversity in Flemish films. The fact that there are now more Flemish productions than a few years ago also plays an important role. For next year, the VAF expects the release of 13 new Flemish films. Top 10 of Flemish films

Ben X
Man zkt. Vrouw
Plop en de pinguïn
Waar is het paard van Sinterklaas?
Dagen zonder lief
To walk again
Si le vent soulève le sable (Belgian-French co-production)
Box Office Numbers for Flemish Film2003: 1,048,280 visitors

2004: 566,763
2005: 615,000
2006: 920,524

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