Facebook closes pages for some Belgian users

Facebook closes pages for some Belgian users

3rd December 2015, Comments 0 comments

Social networking site Facebook is no longer providing access to its pages to people in Belgium who do not possess a profile or are not logged in.

The website is responding to a recent decision by a Belgian judge that ordered Facebook to stop monitoring the online history of visitors from Belgium who had not given their authorisation.

The website had hoped to reach agreement with the Belgian authorities, but as this has failed it has now stopped access for people without Facebook profiles or people who are not logged in.

Facebook said it needed to use the datr-cookie that registered the online activities of non-members in order to secure its website. Now this is no longer allowed Facebook is introducing other safeguards.

The pages affected include those of news media and restaurants.

Belgian secretary of state for privacy Bart Tommelein noted that it's not because Facebook is a big organisation that Belgium has to give in to blackmail: "Privacy is always the striking of a balance. I hope that in dialogue with the Privacy Commission Facebook will find a solution."


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