"Being a foster family adds spice and colour to life"

"Being a foster family adds spice and colour to life"

10th September 2015, Comments 0 comments

Some 1,300 families have already offered to accommodate young under-aged asylum seekers, or even whole families on the run, after an appeal had been launched last weekend.

If members of the public decide to accommodate asylum seekers and take them into their private family circle, this reduces the burden on the government's services and helps their integration.

Being a foster family can have some nice extras, a lady who received a Rwandan child told the VRT: "I could give many examples. Thanks to her, we could attend a Rwandan wedding party, we travelled to Canada to find her family living over there, it brings you in contact with other types of food, other languages, stories about Rwandan life. All of them small things that add colour and spice to life."

Pleegzorg Vlaanderen, the organisation concerned with foster families, wants to make sure that people who take the step, are being properly guided. "We want to take this momentum of solidarity to create a proper framework and to prepare families thoroughly. They have to be informed properly about what their task will include, in order to make a well-balanced choice."


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