A united front against exorbitant ticket resale sites

18th December 2015, Comments 0 comments

The Belgian and Dutch Governments are look into how they can introduce legislation to counter the re-sale of concert tickets at exorbitant prices.

The announcement that the two governments plan to cooperate on this issue came after a teleconference between the Belgian Economy Minister Kris Peeters and his Dutch counterpart Henk Kamp.

A spokesman for Mr Peeters said that both minister will ask experts to look into how they can take the necessary measures.

Tickets for the forthcoming concert by the British singer Adele in Antwerp’s Sportpaleis were sold out almost instantly. It later became apparent that many tickets for the concert were being sold at exorbitant prices through online concert ticketing sites, something that is illegal here in Belgium.

Mr Peeters already indicated that those selling on tickets would be traced and prosecuted.

However, as the law on selling on concert tickets is different in The Netherlands taking action against those Dutch-based websites that had sold tickets on has proved easier said than done. Mr Peeters said earlier that he would raise the issue with his Dutch colleague, something that he has now done.

Experts from both countries will now look into how the problem can be tackled.


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