First aid: Belgians haven't got a clue

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A survey carried out by the Belgian motoring association Touring in conjunction with the Belgian Red Cross shows that most Belgians haven't got a clue when it comes to helping a person injured in a road accident.

The Belgian press agency Belga publiches the results of the survey that suggests that knowledge of first aid seems to be woefully insufficient. The survey showed that only 14% of Belgians thought that they would know what to do when somebody is hurt in an accident. Barely 13% of our fellow countrymen and women know how to perform heart massage.

First aid: Belgians haven't got a clue

The survey forms part of a Europe-wide investigation conducted by the Paris-based automobile federation FIA in 14 different European countries. In Belgium Touring and the Red Cross were the local partners.

People taking part in the survey had to answer eight questions and perform two practical tasks.

Half of all the Belgians surveyed had never taken a first aid course. When asked what to do when confronted with a crash victim who was bleeding 13% provided the correct answer.

A spokesman for Touring said: "When we look at the results Belgium is at the rear of the peloton."

"These poor Belgian results form an argument in favour of considering whether first aid should be included as part of driving lesson courses. The Red Cross should also get the means to allow as many people as possible to take such courses at an acceptable price."

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