First Flemish electric engine

26th April 2013, Comments 0 comments

Twelve Flemish companies have developed a powertrain for the most state-of-the-art, new generation  electric vehicles in partnership with the research centre Flanders Drive. The car, built on the model of a Range Rover Evoque, was launched yesterday. Flanders Drive spent three years on the project in partnership with the twelve collaborators to develop an efficient and low energy consuming powertrain for electric vehicles based on the electric motor developed by the Flemish industrial machines manufacturer Picanol. Among the twelve local collaborators were technology companies Imec, Umicore, LMS and the Limburg-based Punch Powertrain, with British carmaker Land Rover providing the car into which the powertrain was fitted. “We opted for a switched reluctance motor developed in Flanders. They are extremely robust and safe, do not contain any expensive magnets and are ideally suited to regenerative braking,” explains Flanders Drive director Renilde Craps. The car, which unobtrusely ran its test drive yesterday, will rank among the world’s top electric cars with this new technology. “Thanks to this joint development, these companies will also earn international exposure for their innovation,” said Flemish innovation minister Ingrid Lieten SP.A.

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