Final-year Belgian students lack general knowledge

2nd September 2008, Comments 0 comments

A poll of 3,000 teenagers found that a large majority of secondary students in their final year lack general knowledge.

2 September 2008

BELGIUM -- Secondary students in their final year do not have sufficient general knowledge, reports a survey conducted by the movement Appeal for Democratic Schools.

About 3,000 students were asked about different things concerning history, economy, environment and international relations. One out of four students did not know that Congo was a former Belgian colony. Half of the students had no idea what renewable energy is.

The survey found that there was not a major difference between the Francophone and the Flemish schools. Boys scored better than girls did in general. The biggest difference was between students of the different types of schools. The students of polytechnic and vocational schools tended to score lower.

Members of the Appeal for Democratic Schools think that it would be better for students to remain in the mainstream schools for a longer period of time before being streamed into general, polytechnic and vocations schools at the age of 14.

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