Ex-police informer shot in the head in Anderlecht

5th June 2008, Comments 1 comment

The man, who have helped police for keep tabs on criminals for several years, was believed to have been killed by a gang of youths in Anderlecht.

5 June 2008

BELGIUM - A man who was shot in the head and killed by a gang of youths in the Brussels municipality of Anderlecht on Saturday had been one of Brussels and Elsene Police Service's most important informants.

A report in Wednesday's edition of the daily De Morgen says that Roy Jabbour had helped the police keep tabs on criminals for several years.

Jabbour's family says that he knew that his life was in danger.

Last Friday, he reportedly told his son that he probably would not be alive by Monday.

The area of Anderlecht where Jabbour was killed is notorious for street crime, anti-social behaviour and drugs.

There had been some unrest on the Lemmensplein earlier on Saturday evening. By 11pm, things had calmed down and the police left.

Jabbour was then surrounded by a mob of youths and beaten up before being shot in the head. He died in an ambulance on his way to hospital.

There is still no trace of any of the youths that attacked him

A smoke screen

At first, Jabbour's murder was believed to have been linked to the recent unrest between supporters of Sporting Anderlecht and local youths.

However, detectives now believe that the trouble was a smoke-screen to facilitate the murder of Jabbour.

Jabbour was a Lebanese national and had helped the police break up several drug-rings a few years ago, but had since been black-listed. He was suspected of abusing his position as a police informer to get rid of rival drug dealers.

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