English Bachelor: a success before it even started!

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Leuven University College is launching an entirely English-spoken Bachelor Business Management Course.

Flandersnews went to Heverlee to find out more and met Bernadette Abts, one of the coordinators of the new course. "We have so many different cultures in the group: this will create a dynamic atmosphere!"

English Bachelor: a success before it even started!

The course at KH Leuven (Katholieke Hogeschool Leuven) is based on the Dutch language marketing course, but will taught entirely in English. It's a first for Flanders, and it is a success.

"We eventually set a limit at 42 students", explains Bernadette Abts. Leuven University College was receiving more applications than expected and even had to refuse students. "Now, we even have people that already enrolled for next year."

An English-language course, an obvious choice? "One of our priorities is the international aspect. It is our aim to attract more international students and this English-spoken Bachelor degree was a perfect way to achieve this. At the same time, we didn't have an English-spoken Bachelor in Flanders yet. So we seized the opportunity and set a first."

From Venezuela to Nepal

The group of some 40 students is very diverse. "We only have five students with a Flemish background", explains Ms Abts. "The others come from different parts from across the globe, although many have already spent one or more years in Belgium or the Netherlands as students."

"Everybody has his or her own story. The students come from countries like China, Venezuela, Sweden, Ghana, South-Africa or Nepal. We have children of expats or NATO staff, people with completely different religious backgrounds, and we even have a political refugee."

"This also means a rich mix a various cultures. Some are super-polite and modest, others are very extravert. I think this will create a special, dynamic atmosphere: not only between the students themselves, but also between them and the teachers."

Pick your "buddy"

There are no strict conditions if you want to enroll, but you need to pass an English proficiency test first. And you have to be quick, because Leuven University College set a limit on the number of students to guarantee interaction between teaching staff and pupils. KH Leuven is not receiving extra money for this new course, but maybe this could change in future.

The Bachelor includes a "Dutch and local culture course" to allow the students to integrate well in Flanders and Belgium. This is necessary, because they will live here for 3 years, although it is possible to study abroad during the third year.

The foreign students also had to chance to pick a Flemish "personal buddy", someone who helps them in local daily life.

The courses start next Monday, after an introduction week (last week) and an integration week (this week).

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