EU protects 'Belgian jenever'

19th December 2007, Comments 0 comments

'Belgian jenever' has officially been recognised by the European Union, receiving name protection

19 December 2007 - Belgian jenever (gin) received geographical recognition by the European Union.

The designation 'Belgian jenever' and 'Belgian grain jenever' and origin names such as Balegemse jenever, Hasselt jenever, O' de Flander and Peket de Wallonie are now protected names world-wide. The appellations were approved Monday by the European Council of Ministers. The names 'young' and 'old' jenever were also given protection.

The Belgian Federation of Wine and Spirits is happy with the recognition. According to the federation, geographic recognition of regional product names is becoming more important in the framework of the World Trade Organisation. It also offers extra quality and commercial guarantees.

Every year some 8 million litres of jenever are sold in Belgium. The federation hopes that the EU recognition will boost sales;


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