EU: Belgium needs to change sales rules

16th September 2008, Comments 0 comments

European Commissioner Meglena Kuneva says Belgian’s pre-sales period and ban on conditional sales are against European rules.

16 September 2008

BRUSSELS -- European Commissioner Meglena Kuneva said Monday that Belgian’s pre-sales period and the ban on conditional sales are against European rules and should be abolished.

On her official visit to Belgium, the EU Commissioner for Consumer Protection visited a school, consumer rights watchdogs and interest groups.

The commissioner had spoke with Belgian EuroMPs and had a working meeting with Minister of Enterprise Vincent Van Quickenborn. Following their meeting, Kuneva stressed that Belgium must abolish the pre-sales period and the ban on conditional sales as it is against European legislation and will benefit the consumers.

In Belgium, shop retailers are allowed to sell their goods at a discounted rate only in January and July.

However, before the official sale periods, there is a pre-sales period of six weeks in which shops may not launch any kinds of discounts or promotions.

Commissioner Kuneva says such practices are against European rules. An infringement procedure against Belgium has already been launched.

Kuneva said that she would be willing to drop the procedure if the Belgian government agrees to completely harmonise its rules with European legislation.

Meanwhile, Van Quickenborn is looking to abolish the pre-sales period by January 2009.

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