Drugs cheaper in Belgium than abroad

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An international survey reveals that illegal drugs are cheaper in Belgium than in many other countries. The Global Drug Survey is based on information collected online from 80,000 people worldwide.

The survey revealed that in Belgium, cocaine is regularly sold for only EUR 50 a gram, while in many other countries you can easily pay double.

The Ghent school of advanced learning, HoGent, took part in the survey for a first time collecting information in Belgium.

The information is collected from members of the public who come forward of their own accord and fill out a questionnaire on the internet.

Participants retain their anonymity.

The daily De Morgen reports that that the average price for a gram of cocaine in Belgium is EUR 53.

Other party drugs are all much cheaper in Belgium too.

Belgian prices for ketamine, XTC and MDMA are markedly lower.

It was twentysomethings and above, who go out a lot and who have done drugs during the past year, that came forward and took part in the survey.

HoGent's Tina Van Havere explains why prices are cheaper in Belgium: "Belgium is a hub for drug distribution. The drugs arrive here via the ports and are then distributed to the rest of Europe. As a result drugs are more readily available here. There are also fewer go-betweens and that too keeps prices low. This lowers the threshold for twentysomethings who usually have little money."

Tina Van Havere doesn't believe that price serves as a big deterrent as drugs are also used in countries where prices are higher.

Some 37 percent of Belgian cocaine users did say that they wanted to use less or would like help in order to reduce their habbit.

As drugs are relatively cheap here demand for legal highs is lower.

Legal highs are far more popular abroad.


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